Our buildings reflect the work and people that occupy them on a daily basis. They are more than four walls and a roof; they represent the culture and community taking place inside. Whether you are an owner, operator, or investor, we have the expertise and resources available to protect your asset and make your life easier.

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Industrial properties require continual work flow and a consistent process. Bringing attention to potential problems before they arise will save dollars and reduce downtime for you and your company. Birkdale is available to implement preventative maintenance that keeps your facility running at all times. We will customize a program that fits your facility and allows employees to stay focused on the product, not the property.

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Medical facilities bring a unique set of challenges for property owners. The customers that depend on these locations have special requirements and safe access is imperative to the organizations success. Birkdale has the resources ready to make sure your property is always ready for patients to enjoy a safe and successful visit to your practice.

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Retail facilities depend on a warm and inviting appearance that attracts potential shoppers. Birkdale understands this need and is prepared to keep a constant eye on your property appearance and performance. Our goal is to make your storefront reflect the same pride you take in the products you sell and enhance your customer experience.

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Office buildings are a space where work and productivity are most important. Employees and business owners are likely to spend more time at the office than in their own homes. Birkdale specializes in taking care of all matters that would normally take employees time away from their everyday duties. Don’t waste time worrying about the burned out light bulbs or the leak in the ceiling. Birkdale will take care of everything while your team continues working toward your company goals.

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Applicable to industrial, retail, office, and medical property alike. Real estate has always been and will be a great source of wealth creation and preservation. Investors know the work is not over once you close on an investment property. In fact, the responsibilities have just begun. Birkdale is available to be your eyes and ears for your investment and maintain the long-term value and income. We can take care of everything from rent collection, tenant maintenance requests, preventative maintenance, and any special projects that come up. We allow you to sit back and enjoy your life as you always envisioned it, all you have to do is look for your investment returns in the mailbox. Sit back, relax, and pass the stress to us.